Public Speaking


Dr. Harvey is available to speak to groups on a wide range of topics including topics that grow out of some of the books he has written including these topics:

Does God laugh?

The Resurrection – Ruse or Reality?

Death and Dying from the Christian Perspective

How to Live to be 100.

The Christian Perspective on Aging

Why America is Losing its Character



Dr. Harvey is available to consult with any church that is involved in or considering a church sign ministry. This is a pro bono service.

Email Newsletter


Dr. Harvey sends out a weekly sentence sermon to anyone who wishes one. Once a month he also sends out a satirical letter entitled “Letter from Perverse University.” This is a fictitious letter from a Professor of Deception at Perverse University in Hell writing to his former students who are in the USA trying to tempt America away from its basic values. The letters cover current events and social issues. There is no charge for receiving this material.

If you would like to receive it, please send your name and email to Jim Harvey at:

You can drop off the list at any time, and you are guaranteed your e-mail will not be sold or given to anyone nor will there ever be any advertisements with the material.