Letters From Perverse University (2nd Edition)


This book contains a series of satirical letters the author supposedly intercepted from a professor of deception at Perverse University in Hell. The letters are to his former students now in the U.S. trying to tempt Americans away from their Judeo/Christian values and destroy America. Read, laugh, and learn!

Does God Laugh?: Can a Serious God Have a Sense of Humor?


This book seriously examines whether God laughs and has a sense of humor and does so in a way that includes numerous reflections of humor, both biblical and contemporary. It deals with a serious subject but in a way that will cause the reader to enjoy a wealth of humor along the way.

1001 Sentence Sermons


This book is the fifth in the series and contains 1001 truths from the ages. They are sound bite “Sermons” for use in publications church signs and in daily living.

Seven For Heaven


A fascinating “up close and personal” look at the final days of seven terminally ill Christians. The book is a poignant yet uplifting volume that captures their feelings and experiences as they prepare for a life in heaven.

Run Thru the Tape


This book challenges us to change our attitude about seniors to conform to Scripture. It presents clear and convincing evidence from the Bible, and current research on aging, that a long productive life is our calling, our heritage, and is our responsibility to pursue and own. If you want to finish well, read this book, then give a copy to the church library.

The Resurrection – Ruse or Reality?


This book presents a fascinating and accurate examination of the facts surrounding the Easter story. The book is historically accurate, and displays the facts in an interesting way in a courtroom drama leaving the reader, as a jury member, to decide the verdict, reflected in the title, that everyone must decide before leaving this life.


A shortened version of the book has been developed into a presentable play entitled, “The Resurrection on Trial.” The play has been given numerous times. A review copy is available upon request from Dr. Harvey.

701 Sentence Sermons – Volume 4


This book, the fourth in the series, contains 701 truths which can be used on church signs, bulletins, newsletters, or in sermons. These sound bite “sermons” convey truths from the Scripture as well as contemporary thought for use in Christian ministry.